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Somatodrol – the right means of building muscle?

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Those who like to exercise regularly know: with our normal lifestyle and average dietary habits, it is not enough. Especially when building muscle mass, men need meaningful and healthy support. An extensive workout demands a lot from the muscles. In addition, depending on our physical fitness and also with age, we have an unfavorable hormonal balance. Testosterone levels in particular play a decisive role here. Anabolic steroids and artificial steroids are either banned or sometimes have severe side effects. We have taken a close look at the dietary supplement Somatodrol, a widely used and very popular supplement.

You’re skeptical if it really works?

First of all: A – that’s a good thing, be careful and don’t immediately take everything that you’re held under your nose or from which you promise what results. B – we did the same and at the beginning we took a very critical look at how Somatodrol can keep its promise to be natural and yet very effective. That is why we have used and tried the product ourselves in a detailed practical test and can recommend it in good conscience. Somatodrol is said to burn fat very well, build muscle mass and increase strength and energy levels, and in our user tests we have come to the same conclusion. Clinical studies and laboratory tests with approval of the drug have also demonstrated the effect in metabolism and blood circulation.

We recommend that anyone who chooses the product or just wants to try it out, pay attention to a safe source of origin in order to always receive the original product and not a cheap copy. Here we always recommend the official manufacturer’s site as the safest and most cost-effective source.

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Effect and Benefits

First and foremost, Somatodrol is a dietary supplement that has been shown to increase testosterone levels. The manufacturer promises an increase of an average of 30%, which can already be considered very effective. A sufficient increase in testosterone in the body is the basis for muscle growth and therefore an essential part of dietary supplementation in professional athletes and bodybuilders. Due to the rapid mechanism of action of somatodrol, the effect occurs after a few days and you feel stronger and stronger.

In addition, fat burning is noticeably boosted, which is due to the specially developed active formula GRTH and is supported, among other things, by cayenne pepper. This combination of muscle growth and fat burning is unique in this form, given that illegal anabolic steroids with bad side effects are used. Somatodrol is completely free of any side effects due to the natural active ingredients and yet extremely effective. The effect relies on the optimal holding of the body mass index while reducing fat and building muscles. As is often the case in extensive training sessions, you simply do not eat out and simply lose body weight. But the fat is virtually melted away and replaced by muscles. The desired effect: each kilogram of pure muscle mass gained increases the basic turnover and additionally burns disturbing fat calories during ongoing training and taking the preparation.

In summary, the advantages are:

  • Building muscle mass
  • Increase in fat burning
  • Higher energy level
  • More stamina
  • Less muscle soreness
  • Faster regeneration
  • No tension or convulsions
  • Natural active ingredient complex
  • Free from side effects
  • Safe and without a prescription

The ingredients – how safe is Somatodrol?

Somatodrol contains a specially developed formula called GRTH, which has been tested in clinical trials. The main ingredients of the preparation are AAKG arginine, beta-alanine, capsaicin, guarana, vitamin B12. These are only natural active ingredients. The manufacturer promises a completely safe remedy that is free of side effects. Our own tests have consistently confirmed this. We have once examined all ingredients and introduce them to you here:

AAKG arginine

AAKG stands for Arginin Alpha Keto-Glutarat. It is a further development of the body’s own amino acid arginine. In combination with keto-glutarate, the active substance is better absorbed by the body and is very well tolerated. Especially for bodybuilders and athletes, the intake of arginine is particularly effective, because the amino acid promotes the release of growth hormone. It is therefore ideal for strong muscles and the rapid build-up of muscle mass.


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that builds up the existing substance carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine allows for increased muscle strength, especially in the case of high sudden loads such as sprints or weight loads. When exercising, i.e. to be set to maximum performance when exercising, i.e. “learning” the muscles, it is therefore very effective. Beta-alanine also prevents muscle regression and weaker muscle expression with increasing age.


The cayenne pepper contains the active substance capsaicin. As an antioxidant, it not only has a generally positive effect on health and well-being, but is known as a true fat burner. Capsaicin boosts metabolism and increases fat burning in the body. The body fat is continuously broken down. An ideal support for the miracle formula less fat + more muscles.


Guarana is a berry fruit of an exotic plant from the Amazon. It is similar to a lychee and has an energy-boosting effect on our body. Guarana is an absolute energy booster and gives you the power you need to intensify your workout and build muscle mass faster.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a fitmaker that directly affects a healthy cell division and drives protein metabolism. When the muscles enter growth mode after a workout, it allows the building of more muscle cells and the conversion of proteins into muscle mass.

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Dosage and Side Effects

The dietary supplement Somatodrol is available in a practical capsule form. The capsules are particularly easy to take with water and the ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the body. One pack contains 60 capsules, which ranges for 3 weeks or even a whole month, depending on the dosage. The dosage depends on the extent of the training:

Training IntensitätKapseln pro TagZeitpunkt der EinnahmeDauer der AnwendungPackung reicht für
No training (not recommended)3 capsules1 in the morning after waking up 1 two hours before lunch 1 right before bedMind. 3 months recommendedapprox. 3 weeks
Weak to medium training3 capsules1 in the morning after waking up 1 two hours before lunch 1 right before bedMind. 3 months recommendedapprox. 3 weeks
Strong training / bodybuilding2 capsules1 in the morning after waking up 1 immediately after trainingMind. 3 months recommendedapprox. 1 month

According to the manufacturer, Somatodrol is free of any side effects,which we can confirm even in our own experience. None of our subjects in the practical test noticed any side effects. Due to the fact that the product is completely natural in the composition, side effects are not really to be expected. Also interesting for some of you: smoking, drinking alcohol or taking other dietary supplements also do not cause side effects or reduce the effect.

Practical test and experience with somatodrol

We wanted to have our own experience with Somatodrol and did the big practical test. Our editors and their best buddies were allowed to run. Each has used the preparation over a period of three months, which is also indicated by the manufacturer as the recommended minimum duration of use. Their training plans and dietary habits have remained unchanged so as not to distort the results. Everyone has a very different training level and muscle mass in order to be able to make as broad a statement as possible.

Somatodrol Practice Test
André, 23 years old

Marc from the editorial team asked me if I was taking part in the Somatodrol test. I’ve been with it for three months and I can only report good things. I was already aware of the means. In the studio many take it because it does not make side effects and acts very effectively. And everyone is really happy. Just click through my testimonial.

After 2 weeks

I have already felt the first positive signs. It’s like I don’t use as much energy with the same output and everything has a much more effective effect on the muscles.

After 2 months

I have been able to convert significantly more fat into muscle mass and not only, as usual with more intensive workouts, i am more likely to lose weight over time and not to gain any muscle and power at all. This time it is clearly different. I’m still on the ball.

After 3 months

I have completed the recommended duration of ingestion and I will stick with it. I am absolutely satisfied, much more muscle mass, washboard back in top shape, no more rolls and generally a much stronger feeling.

Somatodrol User Test
Marc, 41 years old

Together with Alexej I run forums and websites around bodybuilding, body toning and crossfit. I’m not an edge but I feel in top shape for my age and like to train for stamina and impact. I am glad that so many people have taken part in the Somatodrol test besides me. It is important to me that people can rely on real experiences.

After 2 weeks

Somatodrol I noticed at the very beginning especially on the energy level. My stamina was significantly increased very quickly and I was able to go into training much more powerfully. Also on the following days and at the next workout I had much less muscle pain.

After 2 months

I’ve already gained a lot of muscle mass. With my stature, the whole thing does not work as well as with a pure bodybuilder, but my training is too much for toning and deep muscles anyway. But it definitely makes a significant difference in muscle mass and strength for me as well.

After 3 months

Now after 3 months I can say that through Somatodrol I was able to significantly strengthen and strengthen the muscles that are important to me. Especially in the hard-to-reach deep muscles, the training was much more effective. Today I feel as if my entire body is supported by a muscle body.

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Somatodrol Experiences
Ben, 34 years old

I like to train, much and extensively, because it also does my body extremely well. During the workout I have been supporting with protein shakes for some time and I admit to having some experiences with anabolic steroids. That went completely wrong: pimples, no more good sex. That’s why I was happy to try the natural version with Somatodrol.

After 2 weeks

It struck me immediately. In my training, I work on arms, legs and the entire chest and trunk muscles at alternating intervals. I do a lot with weights or in manual workouts. Within the first days and weeks I have been able to put much more power into the repetitions and thus be able to put much more on the muscles.

After 2 months

A significant increase in muscles is noticeable. It’s like putting in a turbo and just what else takes half a year to steam down to 8 weeks.

After 3 months

My conclusion is absolutely positive and I would recommend to anyone who wants to build muscle seriously and still want to proceed healthy and lasting. I still feel enormously strong and full of energy. Side effects equal to zero.

Somatodrol 3 months tested
Alexei, 29 years old

I met Marc at a Crossfit conference and since then I have been writing testimonials and test training equipment, workouts and dietary supplements for various portals and websites. Testing Somatodrol has been on my list for a long time. Last but not least, it is a widely used and, above all, widely accepted means. I was all the more tense.

After 2 weeks

The first two weeks were characterized by additional energy gain and the feeling that my body had to adjust to the new supply. Overall but a very good and safe feeling.

After 2 months

In the meantime I feel the effect clearly and if it may sound a bit silly: I feel the increase in male hormones and bring more power transfer into my individual workouts.

After 3 months

I am very positively surprised and admit that I was really sceptical at first. After all, what should a completely natural remedy without a chemical laboratory formula bring, I thought? Far from it, because that’s what Makes Somatodrol for me today. Sustainably build strength and muscle mass, significantly increase the training and not have to sell the health. Clear recommendation.

Somatodrol Test and Experience
Justin, 30 years old

I used to be out of shape and always had a few kilos too much on my ribs. Even at the start of the self-test with Somatodrol I was not you and also regularly on exercise, but I found myself quite average and normal. I now have my first approach of washboard and feel much more energetic. That’s more than I expected.

After 2 weeks

It started very quickly for me. Whether it’s because I’ve grown small, I don’t know. But after just one week, I felt clearly that it was starting now and that the metabolism was changing positively.

After 2 months

My extra kilos are gone. And I gained a lot more muscle at the same time. I have already gained a good 4 kilos but no fat at all, which burns really well. That motivates me to stick to it.

After 3 months

My body has swapped fat for muscles and gained a lot of strength and energy. I really feel like new and would never have expected that in my life. Clearly, one reads again and again of successes and the corresponding aids. But Somatodrol worked really well for me.

How much does Somatodrol cost and where can I buy it?

Somatodrol is not available in the pharmacy and can only be ordered via the Internet. There are offers on online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, but origin and authenticity cannot be guaranteed for these offers. If you want to get the original Somatodrol, we think you should always go to the official manufacturer’s page, which is exclusively linked via our website. There you will receive the original product with exactly the effect that we have tested and described here. We recommend that you be careful against copycat products and cheap counterfeits.

In the original, Somatodrol costs 65 cents per capsule,which is very cheap compared to other means such as steroids or anabolic steroids, often also illegal, and extremely effective and much safer. Recently we have been able to offer an incredible 50% discount, which you can automatically unlock in the shopping cart by clicking on our link. This gives you twice as much somatodrol when ordering the 3-pack, i.e. 6 packs at the lowest price on the Internet!

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Our conclusion

We are convinced and can recommend Somatodrol without restrictions. It works in any case, melting the fat, building up your muscles and also bringing other positive effects. After a few days, each of our testers felt much stronger and more energetic. Muscle soreness is a thing of the past and you regenerate much better between the training phases. So you will achieve your success much faster and for very little money compared to other measures.

We were justifiably sceptical at first, but can now also understand the almost exclusively positive reviews on the Internet. We were also totally convinced that Somatodrol is a 100% natural remedy. We have not noticed any side effects, on the contrary: cramps or tension after the workouts have completely stopped with us. So it is a very safe and effective muscle building program.

Our recommendation is to try and test Somatodrol for yourself. The cost of this is absolutely manageable and you do not resort to any chemical drug that causes the most severe side effects. It is best to convince yourself and see how well it works for you in the first 3 to 7 days after the start and during appropriate training sessions. We are convinced that you will love it.

Conclusion on Somatodrol at a glance:






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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Content FAQ

How safe is Somatodrol?

Somatodrol has been extensively tested before entering the market and is considered absolutely safe. It consists of 100% natural active ingredients and ingredients and is therefore very tolerable and can be classified as a safe dietary supplement.

Are there any side effects?

No. Since somatodrol is made entirely of natural substances, no side effects due to the effective active ingredients are known. There were also no side effects in our self-experiment. However, individual ingredients of the capsules may have intolerances or contraindications, generally allergies. So if you have an allergy and are aware of it, you should check with the manufacturer here.

Do I need a prescription?

No, Somatodrol is available completely over-the-counter.

How much does shipping cost?

Currently, no shipping costs are charged and delivered free of charge via the official manufacturer’s website within Germany.

Do I have a right of return?

The manufacturer guarantees a 90 day money back guarantee in case of non-failure. This allows anyone to safely test the effect.

Is shipping neutrally packaged?

Yes. The shipment takes place in a neutral, grey cardboard box. Thus, it is not visible from the outside what is in the package.

Is the payment secure?

The manufacturer offers the payment methods Cash Ondelivery, PayPal, Instant Transfer and GiroPay. All providers are established, fully trusted and secure payment providers. The connection in the payment process is completely secure according to the latest requirements and SSL is encrypted.

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